Terms of Business Jan 2020

1: Rates

1.2: Rates as of 1st January 2020, £10 per cat sit with an additional £3 per cat per visit with a maximum charge of 4 cats

1.3: Additional charges such as car parking and tunnel fees will be charged accordingly.

1.4: Treble rate will be charged on Christmas Day and double rate Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday and bank holidays. Good Friday is charged at normal rate.

1:4 Additional charges will be added to a visit if medication needs to be given to the animal(s) This is priced according to which band the medication support is placed within the cat visit.

1.5: Band 1 charge £3 if a cat(s) is given more than 2 tablets or liquid medication in 1 visit, and/0r If the tablets/liquid medication is set to be given within a time bracket

2: Payment:

2.1: Holiday Kitty Cat Care will require the arrangement of payment in advance of services. One month before services are required or immediate payment if booked within the month.

2.2: Invoices for extra services given within the cat sitting schedule such as Vet transportation or sundry replenishment (this is not an exhausted list) must be paid for within 7 days of the invoice produced otherwise a £25 admin fee will be added for each reminder plus an 8.5% daily interest charge.

3: Cancellation:

3.1: Clients may be charged a cancellation fee of £25

4: Working Hours:

4.1: Working hours are from 06.00 – 22.00. A time slot will not be given in any circumstances unless animal is medicated within a timeframe. In an any given situation Holiday Kitty Cat Care reserve the right to work before and after these working hours to ensure all cats are seen within that day.

5: Liabilities:

5.1 Holiday Kitty Cat Care will not be held responsible for any damage created by the owner’s cat/s to its owner’s property

5.2: Holiday Kitty Cat Care will remove any noticeable excrement including sick but are not responsible for the deep cleaning of the areas affected

5.3: Holiday Kitty Cat Care will not be held liable for animals that are ill or pass away during care however Holiday Kitty Cat Care will take the animal to the vets for appropriate treatment.

5.4: The client agrees to meet the vet’s charges directly with the vets.

5.5: All vet’s fees must be paid for by the client and an additional £30 per hour to Holiday Kitty Cat Care or part thereof for the transportation to the vets and supervision

5.6: Holiday Kitty Cat Care are not responsible for cats that are allowed outside or escape and do not return to their owner’s property; however, everything will be done to ensure a safe return and an escape prevention

5.7: Holiday Kitty Cat Care have the right to terminate cat care with immediate effect if they deem a customers behaviour to be intolerable and unjustified.

5.8: Holiday Kitty Cat Care are not covered under their insurance to administer medication for exisiting conditions an aminal has however can administer only after a disclaimer has been signed and appropriate satisfaction has been given by both parties.

6: Clients Responsibilities:

6.1: Clients are responsible for providing all food, litter and sundries. If not enough has been provided, then Holiday Kitty Cat care will provide, and the client billed for the supplies purchased plus a further £20 service charge.

6.2: A key must be made available to Holiday Kitty Cat Care at the point of home visit otherwise the key sent to Holiday Kitty Cat Care registered address.

6.3: Clients must let Holiday Kitty Cat Care know how they would like their key returned after the completion of the cat sitting service. Keys will be kept for 18 months then destroyed if client has not re used the service within this time

6.4: Clients must try and keep their sink emptied before visits start to ensure sufficient washing facilities of bowls and the hands of the cat sitter.

6.5: Clients that live in a permit parking zone must be able to provide Holiday Kitty Cat Care with a valid permit close to client’s residence. This is to ensure safety of the cat sitter and in the event of the animal needing urgent medical attention.

6.6: All clients must provide a working key to their property and liability for any keys not tested before cat sitting commences is with the owner and not Holiday Kitty Cat Care. Locksmith charges in the event of ill-fitting keys or broken locks will be met by the client/owner. Broken keys in locks are client/Holiday Kitty Cat Care 50% share of the locksmith cost.

6.7: Clients agree to Holiday Kitty Cat Care instructing a locksmith in the event of lost, damaged keys or locks or for any other reason that would prevent Holiday Kitty Cat Care from accessing your property to maintain the health and well-being of the cat(s)

6.8: All clients must disclose if they have any surveillance or recording equipment in their homes and permission must be sought before filming the cat sitter or the sitting service. Whilst Holiday Kitty Cat Care have no objection to your own home security methods we do need to be made aware of such devices in line with The General Data Protection Regulation requirements. If this information is not disclosed and permission sought in writing you the client will be immediately informed to discuss the situation. This may involve suspending cat care. Please contact Holiday Kitty Cat Care if you require more information on this matter.

6.9: All clients are responsible for making sure their key is with Holiday Kitty Cat Care before services commence. If the client requires their key to be a collected, a charge of £5 will be included onto the clients invoice. There is no charge for key collection at the point of the first initial consultation.

6.10: ALL customers must contact their vets before cat sitting commences and give Holiday Kitty Cat Care third party access in the event of the looked after animal needing veterinary assistance whilst in the clients absence. This has replaced the old paper signing system.

6:11. Customers must advise Holiday Kitty Cat Care in writing if their animals have recently been unwell, have known illness that has not been disclosed or have required vet assistance within one month before the service begins.

5:12 All Customers who require their animals to have medication administered must sign a disclamier before Holiday Kitty Cat Care can administer. Please note that medication support of an animal is subject to availability and the appropriate sitter available

7: Health and Safety:

7.1: In the event of very adverse weather conditions everything will be done to ensure all animals are visited within the booked schedule. However if this is not possible due to the advise of the authorities then the health and safety of the cat sitter will always be Holiday Kitty Cat Cares first priority. If visits are cut from the routine schedule then food timers will be provided for the duration of the service (when weather is adverse) to ensure the wellbeing of the animal. This will be monitored very carefully and will only be used in accordance with public advice.

7.2: If a cat appears displays aggressive behaviour, attempts to injure the sitter or injures the sitter, the owner will be informed immediately and alternative arrangements made. Holiday Kitty Cat Care reserve the right to stop the service in the event of being injured by an animal or if the aggressive behaviour makes it impossible to continue with the service.

8: Data Protection & Privacy Policy

8.1: All clients data held by Holiday Kitty Cat Care is carefully stored and password protected. It is not sold to third parties and only relevant information is kept. All Clients will be given the option as to whether they would like to receive marketing correspondence from Holiday Kitty Cat Care. You the client have freely given the personal data held by Holiday Kitty Cat Care for the purposes of contact whilst providing the cat sitting service. Full details about the Privacy Policy is available on the website or by request.

8.2: All clients using the Holiday Kitty Cat Care booking system are in full control as to what data they provide the business.

9: Changes to Terms and Conditions

9.1: Holiday Kitty Cat Care reserve the right to change these terms of business in accordance to business needs and clients.

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